Associate Trainers

PROCAT is looking to increase our team of associate trainers

Prospects College of Advanced Technology (PROCAT) is the UK’s First College of Advanced Technology. It provides a unique partnership with the engineering and construction industries to train the next generation of skilled technicians.

The success of our full cost training provision now demands that we look beyond our existing teams to work with a greater number of associate trainers.

We are delivering regularly scheduled and on demand courses for clients at our Basildon Campus or on-site at client’s premises. Course subjects cover a range of disciplines, and courses may lead to professional license to practice qualifications, nationally recognised, externally accredited qualifications or are designed to meet a specific client need. Courses may be delivered in daytime during the week and at weekends, or as evening classes. Depending on the subject area and the nature of the learning to be covered, courses are either held full-time on consecutive days or part-time as day or evening release. We have recently, for example, added engineering courses to the open course schedule based around PLC technology.

Associate trainers need to have valid subject and teaching experience in one or more of the following subject areas:






Health and Safety

Management and Leadership

Project Management


Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Fibre Optics Cabling

Advanced Telecommunications

Building Information Modelling

Aviation Maintenance

B1 License Training

If you are interested to train for PROCAT, please contact Urte Sonnenberg on 01268-662444 ext. 5611 or send your CV to .