Mechanical Engineering Lecturer

Job title:         Instructor/Assessor

Reporting to: Course Leader

Description of Job Role:

The role of Instructor /Assessor provides academic and pastoral support to learners to enable them to successfully complete their programme of study.  Instructor/Assessors assist in planning appropriate schemes of work and lesson plans, in conjunction with Course Leaders, in order that qualifications are successfully achieved.   These qualifications are any that are taught in the college environment.  Any course materials and learning aids will also be developed and produced. Instructor/Assessors undertake individual tutorials, reviewing progress made against qualification criteria and planning actions and activities to fully support the achievement of the qualification.  Portfolio building for the NVQ (off the job training) is included in this role.  Tutors work with learners aged from 16 years old and at any level, from Foundation (Entry) to Level 3. 

Key Responsibilities:

  1. To plan, prepare and teach lessons which meet Ofsted criteria for outstanding teaching and learning.
  2. Develop and produce all course materials for learning activities to ensure learners are appropriately engaged, supported and able to achieve success.
  3. To assess learner’s work against the criteria stated by the Awarding Body.
  4. To liaise with the Course Leader concerning ‘on course’ support provided for learners taught by the Instructor/Assessor,to ensure effective communication exists between ‘support’ and ‘delivery’.
  5. Review teaching strategies and lesson plans in view of the outcomes produced by the learners and amend as necessary.
  6. Create, maintain and analyse accurate data concerning learners taught by the Instructor/Assessor and produce effective, efficient and well organised records and reports to assist in day to day working and financial audit.Provide up to date and accurate feedback to the Course Leader/DHOF.
  7. To monitor and track the overall progress of learners in the caseload, accessing relevant support systems and staff expertise as needed.Monitor attendance, punctuality and ILPs of these learners.
  8. Support and respond sensitively and empathically to student disclosures, observing confidentiality where appropriate and referring appropriately in the case of safeguarding young people.
  9. Refer students of concern to the nominated person in respect of child protection
  10. Make recommendations to the Course Leader where interventions and strategies deployed have failed to address concerns about a learner’s progress.
  11. To maintain discipline and Health and Safety requirements in all areas of the centre.
  12. To ensure that the ‘housekeeping’ on the section, and the workshop in general, meets college requirements

Key tasks to support responsibilities of the role

  1. The preparation of lesson plans and learning aids to be developed and shared with others in the tutor team.
  2. To register learners.
  3. That work areas are well prepared with appropriate tools, equipment and materials in order that teaching and learning can be effective.
  4. To plan and execute appropriate assessments for learners, in accordance with the requirements of the Awarding Body.
  5. The engagement of young people (and employers) into the learning process, meeting the needs of client groups.
  6. The maintenance of accurate and up to date learner progress information.
  7. The writing of termly reports for all learners aged 18 and under.
  8. In liaison with the Course Leader, refer learners to Student Support Services when a need is identified.
  9. Dealing with difficult behaviour in a calm and professional manner in accordance with College policies.
  10. To promote Health and Safety procedures at all times.

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