English and Maths Tutor

Job Title:                     English and Maths Tutor

Department:              English, Maths and ICT

Reporting to:             Course Team Leader

Job Purpose: To deliver outstanding teaching and learning ensuring all learners meet their predicted outcomes for English/maths

Key Responsibilities:

  1. To plan, prepare and deliver lessons which meet the Ofsted criteria for ‘Good’ or better.
  2. To ensure accurate assessment and progressive feedback of learners’ work against criteria.
  3. Create, maintain and analyse accurate data in relation to learners.
  4. Produce effective, accurate and current records to ensure that all parties are clear where each learner is at any given time and how to progress further.
  5. To ensure learners are engaged and motivated to learn through active teaching and learning strategies that are learner-centric at all times
  6. To respond to and support students’ additional needs with referral on to appropriate parties.
  7. To embed and promote British Values and support and respond sensitively and empathically to student disclosures, observing confidentiality where appropriate and referring appropriately in the case of safeguarding.

Quality Measures / Outputs:

  1. Achievement of key performance indicators for both GCSE and Functional Skills (achievement, pass rates, retention and attendance).
  2. Observations/learning walks are at required standard or above.
  3. Learner satisfaction at 90% or above with a clear understanding of the benefits of obtaining English skills.

How outputs will be achieved:

  1. Develop all lesson plans and associated resources ensuring planning for individualised learning takes place which in-turn leads to the delivery of active and engaged learning.
  2. Fully implement tracking systems, monitor and complete, sharing with all stakeholders to ensure that learners understand fully what needs to happen to achieve and exceed their targets.
  3. To complete reviews/progression data/registers and any other associated reports to inform both internally and externally in a timely way.
  4. Plan and deliver appropriate assessments in accordance with awarding body criteria and work related outcomes.
  5. Work with associated parties to ensure that where support is in place this is highlighted within planning and shared in a timely manner to enable students to exceed their aspirations.
  6. Embed maths, ICT and contextualise English into planning and delivery working with vocational areas to ensure learning is relevant.
  7. Collaborative working with vocational staff to embed and contextualise English/maths throughout a learner’s journey.
  8. Participate and fully engage in CPD working on identified areas for improvement as evidenced through learning walks, observations and college areas for improvement.

Safeguarding responsibilities (all staff)

  1. To take responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people.
  2. To be familiar and act in accordance with PROCAT’s safeguarding policies and procedures.
  3. Ensure that PROCAT provides a safe, fair and respectful work and learning environment.

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