Working as a Group Training Association

PROCAT has always aimed to work in long-term, collaborative partnerships with industry. Such partnerships are underpinned by our continued operation as a Group Training Association (GTA).

A GTA is a training organisation which is led by employers to provide off-the-job specialized apprenticeship and training services. As a GTA, PROCAT proudly serve over 700 employer members.

We believe the strength and value of our partnership with employers is why many of the employers who train with us have been members of our GTA for years.

Employers who sign-up to our Skills Charter enjoy a wide range of important benefits; You can:

  • Work with our specialists to design and develop training that meets your needs
  • Advise us on the quality, range and content of the training programmes
  • Tap into a range of additional services, such as use of our City and Guilds Business Centre
  • Benefit from our experienced industry professionals who will support you from recruitment to completion of training and professional progression
  • Gain professional status for your workforce
  • Gain access to government funding
  • Access regulatory training and occupational licences, as standalone or built into substantive training programmes
  • Receive loyalty advantages such as course fee reductions
  • Benefit from regular communications and industry and supplier events
  • Use PROCAT’s technical workshops and equipment.

Current Engineering GTA Committee 

Our guide below explains everything you need to know. 


Levy Calculator

Total Payroll (£):

0.5% levy charge: 75000

Less £15,000 allowance: 60000

10% top up to your Levy charge: 6000

If each apprentice costs £15,000 over 3 years (on average), this equals £5,000 per apprentice per year. With the allowance and top up value of £66,000 you would get value for money by hiring 12 apprentices.