Girls in STEM

Girls, Be the faces of the new generation of Engineers

Calling all young women to Engineeering at PROCAT. 

There is growing interest and opportunity for girls and young women in engineering. If you enjoy the sciences within engineering, then why not take a look at our courses and apprenticeships that we offer here at PROCAT?

Our aim is to encourage and bring more young woman into the industry and get them working as Engineers.  

Being in an apprenticeship means you will earn money whilst you get a qualification as well as gaining a lot of practical experience. This will make you desirable to employers which would lead you to a high paying job. The government is currently investing money to encourage more girls into engineering so now is the time to make the most of these great opportunities.

We also sponsor the National Women in Engineering day annually. Keep up to date on how we celebrate and support the day, by following us on our social media platforms. Take a look at their website to see what they do and how to be apart of NWED here.

If you take a look at this careers research study, that the Royal Institution of Engineering produced on successful women in Engineering; you will see the advantages and how many career opportunities you will have, the diverse careers of these female role models have taken and how much they love their jobs.

You don't need perfect grades and you don't need any experience! We are here to help so if it is what you want to do, then please get in touch. 

Don't be put off, and think that engineering is just for the boys of your generation. This is the 21st Century, we are all equal and able to learn and work in any industry that we would like to. 

Be a part of a new generation of Women in Engineering; begin to make a difference, for you and others alike. 

Read our blog on national women in engineering and why it is an important mission to encourage more girls into the world of engineering here.