Advanced Engineering and Robotics Courses at PROCAT

Engineering is behind everything, from the car you travel in, to your mobile phone and the alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning.

Engineers shape the world we live in, by designing, creating, testing, and improving almost every product or process you can think of!

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What about your new tablet computer? Electronics Engineers have had a hand in making it. The train you travelled in? Railway Engineers have worked in a team to make it happen. 

Try and imagine what the future might look like...

  • A robot that makes your morning cuppa and records your favourite TV shows
  • A trip to Mars
  • A hoverboard!

Engineers are constantly dreaming up future innovations like these!

If you can see yourself becoming an Engineer in the future, there are different pathways you can take to get there – from Further Education courses through to training on the job with one of PROCAT's Apprenticeship programmes – there is a journey for everyone.

Useful subjects for Engineering are Maths and Science (particularly Physics), though Chemistry, Design & Technology, IT, Computing and certain other subjects can also help.

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