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Skilled workers like Welders and Sheet Metal Workers are in high demand across multiple industries.

Welders and sheet metal workers operate across a broad range of industries including construction, engineering, manufacturing, transport, aerospace, and offshore oil and gas and make and weld many different products using several different methods. It is skilled and varied work.

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Welding – Multi-Positional Welder

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Welding is a way to make high strength joints between two or more parts. Multi-Positional Welding incorporates a highly complex range of welding skills: the different arc welding processes require different levels of manual dexterity, knowledge and skill to avoid making defective welds.

Welding is used extensively and in almost every sector of industry. There is a high demand for Multi-Positional Welders in areas such as: power generation, oil and gas, marine, transport, nuclear, processing, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, construction and many more. Multi-Positional Welders make items such as: pressure containment equipment, pressure pipework, offshore jackets, submarines, military vehicles and equipment and aero engine components.

Multi-Positional Welders are required to consistently perform to high standards in order to ensure that the finished products function correctly, contributing to the safety of all and the global quality of life.

Skilled, qualified, professionally certified Multi-Positional Welders can work anywhere in the world and provide services in the harshest of environments. For these accomplished professionals, the monetary rewards can be significant.

Location: PROCAT Basildon Campus.

Duration: 18 months.

Study Format: 1 day per week (day release).

Entry Requirements: GCSE grades 3 (or D) in maths and English. 4+ in science preferred.

Professional Recognition: EngTech.

Self Study: 

PROCAT guidelines for self-study, meaning extra reading, researching and writing are as follows but of-course this is down to your own work ethic.

For a PASS:

Level 3: 1-2 hours per week studying at home/outside of college
Level 4: 3-4 hours per week studying at home/outside of college
Degree Apprenticeship: 5-6 hours per week studying at home/outside of college

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This course is located in Basildon

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