Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Available for: 16-19, Apprenticeships,


Aircraft Maintenance courses offer a route into a rewarding career that can send you all around the world.

PROCAT courses allow you to work towards becoming licensed Aircraft Mechanic with a partner employer. There is the possibility to undertake component modules of the B1 Licence on completion of your course.

Course Details

What you will study

Students will explore aircraft mechanics, science, avionics, engines and undertake a project. PROCAT is able to offer a limited amount of apprenticeships. There is a mixture of practical and theory work involved. This includes use of the Aerosim Virtual Maintenance Trainer – a program able to simulate an entire virtual aircraft and maintenance work upon it.

The importance of maths and English in daily life is beyond question. Almost every job requires the ability to read, write and use numbers confidently – especially in Construction or Engineering where you will be pricing jobs, measuring and completing tasks to precision.

English and maths qualifications are an essential element of your Study Programme and Apprenticeship training.


Grade 3 (D) or below you must study Functional Skills
Grade 4 (C) or above do not need Functional Skills

Study Programmes:

Grade 4 (C) or above students must study extended maths and English
Grade 3 (D) students must study GCSE maths and English

Self Study: 

PROCAT guidelines for self-study, meaning extra reading, researching and writing are as follows but of-course this is down to your own work ethic.

For a PASS:

Level 3: 1-2 hours per week studying at home/outside of college
Level 4: 3-4 hours per week studying at home/outside of college
Degree Apprenticeship: 5-6 hours per week studying at home/outside of college

If you are looking for higher grades, then obviously more hours each week would need to be spent at home/outside of college studying.

Type of work

Over two million flights leave UK airports every year, carrying hundreds of millions of passengers all over the world and the vast majority of these flights pass without incident. This is largely down to the safety critical role played by the Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Technicians, Engineers and Mechanics.

Courses available

Level 3 Study Programme
Location: PROCAT Basildon Campus
Duration: 1 year
Study Format: 3 days per week

Level 3 Apprenticeship
Location: PROCAT Basildon Campus
Duration: 3 years
Study Format: 1 day per week (day release apprenticeship)

Average earnings


Where can I learn?

This course is located in Basildon


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