Bespoke Training

Why bespoke training delivered by PROCAT ?

Whilst we do offer a lot of accredited qualifications, we are able to offer training on-demand and design bespoke training courses which fit your particular needs. This is especially the case in subject areas like mechanical craft multi-skilling, electrical, component soldering, hydraulics and electronics, but can also occur when team leading, management and leadership or improving communication skills is the aim of the training scheme.

Bespoke training addresses a specific need or problem you have identified, but do not have the capacity to deal with internally in your organisation. Training can be delivered at PROCAT or on-site to suit your needs.

Bespoke courses on offer are for example:

Using Different Tools in Mechanical Production – Reduces production waste and improves delivery on contract

Hand Soldering Skills to ICP Standards – Ensures safe soldering practices to industry recognised standards and enables candidates to judge the quality of their soldering

Hydraulics Training for Bespoke Hot Air Balloon Based Equipment Control – Ensures that ground control teams are able to control on-board electronic equipment to purpose; includes training on trouble shooting and problem solving scenarios

Fibre Optics and Copper – Expands understanding of design, installation, repairs, fault finding and testing of cables and connectors for engineers

Team Building – Improves cooperation and efficiency within and between teams

English in the Workplace – Improves understanding of work objectives and reduces operational mistakes

Intercultural Communication – Improves communication and understanding, especially in multi-cultural settings

To discuss your particular requirements further, please call Urte Sonnenberg on 01268 662440.


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