One of PROCAT’s 2019 goals is to bring together our employers and graduating students by creating a PROCAT Alumni.

All students that graduate with us - whether it be from an apprenticeship or a study programme - will have the opportunity to sign up to our alumni. 

It’s not only for our graduates; it is a great way for local and national employers to source talent and to promote opportunities.

PROCAT alumni will have exclusive access to a private portal holding this information.

The portal will include helpful and insightful features such as;

  • News stories
  • Industry information and updates
  • Upcoming events
  • Exclusive job board

If that wasn’t enough, there will be further incentives such as discounted Career Development Courses and local business discounts.

At PROCAT we believe in supporting and helping our students further than just their education with us. Students start their careers with PROCAT and we will continue to support them, if we can, throughout their careers.

Send us your email address to be amongst the first to take advantage of this new initiative.

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