Training Ambassadors

We have appointed and trained over 40 Apprentice Ambassadors who are able to represent the full range of construction and engineering industries that PROCAT supports. As part of this process PROCAT formally engages in a service level agreement with each individual that clearly sets out the requirements for the role and the time commitment expected, together with what in return the college will provide.

Each Ambassador completes an initial programme of training that is provided by STEM Learning the Essex subsidiary of STEMNET.  The training covers how to:

  • become an effective role model;
  • engage with young people and challenge stereotyping;
  • respond to questions;
  • plan activities;
  • provide access to STEM careers information and resources for young people.

In addition, working with the PROCareer STEM Advisor, Ambassadors receive termly training to raise their understanding of skills shortages in engineering and construction and to address topics such as safeguarding and the Prevent duty in schools.