STEM in Tutor Time

Our PROCareer STEM Advisor has created a series of focused presentations for teachers to use that will promote engagement and discussion about science, technology, engineering and maths careers. They are intended to be used with secondary school students in short bursts such as in registration or tutorial time. 

The presentations will help schools to address elements of the Department For Education’s statutory requirement on careers guidance (‘Careers guidance and inspiration in schools,’ DfE March 2015). In particular they:

  • emphasise the wide range of career choices that are available to students if they achieve maths and science qualifications both at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5;
  • encourage girls to aspire to STEM career pathways, as they are statistically much more likely than boys to risk limiting their careers by dropping STEM subjects at an early age.

More than this, the presentations encourage students to take real life STEM related challenges and, using their communication and problem solving skills, set about resolving them….  having some fun along the way!

There are 10 presentations in total that are free for you to take and use. The table below captures the title of each presentation together with the associated skills and knowledge that will be developed.

Title of presentation Skills/knowledge developed
STEM in tutor time: Balloon kebab Designing experimental methods, knowledge of the concepts of tension and friction.
STEM in tutor time: Helicopters Observation skills, designing fair tests.
STEM in tutor time: How can you help? Discussion skills and constructing reasoned arguments.
STEM in tutor time: What is it? Creative thinking about objects that are used in STEM industries.
STEM in tutor time: Speed of light Applying maths and physics to solve a problem.
STEM in tutor time: Strong drinking straws Developing resilience in scientific method and knowledge of pressure.
STEM in tutor time: What ifs Problem solving, considering intended and unintended consequences of the decision making process.
STEM in tutor time: Finger calculator Tips for addressing mathematical challenges.
STEM in tutor time: Jobs Securing a wider understanding of the types of jobs that men and women have in STEM sectors.
STEM in tutor time: Who are they Exploring and valuing the impact that scientists and entrepreneurs have had on the world today.