STEM Clubs at Schools

The PROCareer STEM Advisor has worked with schools, such as East Tilbury Primary School, to set up after school STEM clubs that run for an agreed period of time. Free of charge the STEM Advisor will work on site at the school with a designated teacher to:

  • agree the focus and outcomes of the STEM Club which could include for example achieving a British Science Association CREST Bronze Award;
  • plan a range of activities using the ‘STEM club planning template’;
  • assist with the development of key resources; 
  • market the club to students and their parents, contributing to school blogs and newsletters;
  • support the delivery of sessions;
  • assist with and attend a celebratory event for the students and their parents to showcase what has been achieved;
  • review and evaluate the impact of the club, jointly agreeing any aspects that might need developing further in the future.

We aim to leave the school with a sustainable club that is underpinned by a series of processes that have been tried and tested and that will support future success.