Track Your Apprentice

Would you like track your apprentices' progress at the click of a button?

OneFile is the college’s new ePortfolio system that will transform the tracking of progress learners make at PROCAT. It provides an efficient and streamlined assessment process between assessors and learners and will give apprentices greater ownership of their learning. Onefile is also open to employers who can access information on their apprentices through a personal account.

So how does this help an employer? Onefile enables you to review and monitor the progress of your apprentices. This includes the ability to run a gap analysis of their course to see what they still need to cover and read reviews that have taken place between the apprentice and PROCAT with any actions for improvement.

Onefile gives you greater understanding and ownership of the progress of your employees and better, real time information to support your apprentice to achieve on time. Learners upload all their work and it is marked on OneFile. This means that other digital technologies such as mobile devices to record videos and conversations and take photographs can be used and easily uploaded. It will clearly highlight areas that are complete and signed off and areas that require further work, ensuring swift action can be taken when a learner falls behind target to ensure their timely success. It also allows managers to closely monitor progress from a whole college to individual learner level. 

To log in to your onefile account, click here.

Or watch our handy video below.