Inspiring Future Engineers

The team at PROCareer have joined up with some national organisations that aim to inspire young people to engage in engineering.  For example we offer our time and our facilities to support the delivery of Engineering masterclasses that are run by the Royal Institution. Regional masterclass organisers invite local schools to nominate a few of their brightest and most enthusiastic Year 9 (age 13-14) students to attend. A masterclass series contains six Saturday morning sessions, each led by a practising engineer from industry.

Each week students will work on a practical project focusing on a different topic. The projects, often of a design/build/test nature, focus on developing solutions to real-life problems and channel creative thinking in order to solve engineering challenges.

The PROCareer Team also support the work of the Engineering and Development Trust (EDT) by facilitating at PROCAT the launch and final celebration events for the Go4SET environmentally themed, 10 week STEM projects for Year 8 and 9 students. The process involves the EDT working with a designated teacher and team of students in a school. The school selects a project they would like to work on from a menu of options. They are then linked to an appropriate employer who will act as a mentor for the duration of the project.